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Who we are

The Wisconsin BadgerNet Access Alliance, WBAA, is comprised of:

Each company's core business is telecommunications. Our solutions, knowledge and resources provide the State of Wisconsin with multiple technology options, reliable and proven services, and excellent customer service. We serve the State of Wisconsin at over 2,000 geographically dispersed locations.

The Wisconsin BadgerNet Access Alliance (WBAA) is a unique industry partnership of Wisconsin owned/managed companies that are world-wide telecommunications leaders committed to continuing our 100-year history of partnering with the State of Wisconsin to deliver reliable voice, data and video solutions to our joint end-user government and educational customers.

Our Existing Partnership

The WBAA has been working together for more than 10 years in support of the State of Wisconsin's networks. We share strong relationships, a sense of teamwork, and common philosophies regarding customer service. Any consortium developed to serve BadgerNet must work together to fully support each other in terms of strategic vision, cooperation, process flows, and customer satisfaction. The WBAA has already developed hardened processes and information systems used for communication between our companies to seamlessly handle orders, project management, installations, repairs, billing, and account management. These existing processes uniquely position us to respond quickly and effectively to the challenge of building and managing the next BadgerNet Converged Network. Each WBAA partner brings is own strengths to our consortium, resulting in a synergy of resources uniquely qualified to serve the State of Wisconsin.


The WBAA provides a wide array of voice, video, and data technology solutions through established relationships and alliances with virtually all, leading voice, video, and data equipment manufacturers. WBAA uses these relationships to bring your needs to the forefront of the manufacturers' research and development efforts to develop customized solutions for you and your end users. As the manufacturers' largest global distributor, WBAA receives aggressive discount arrangements and customized service programs, which are all shared with our customers. Our research laboratories and product development experts use best-of-breed strategies to ensure the WBAA companies continue to offer a wide range of tested and reliable technology solutions for our customers. The WBAA companies provide a multitude of networking and equipment solutions to meet the specific needs of the State of Wisconsin and are not limited to a single technology option.

Depth of Resources

The State of Wisconsin enjoys the benefits of each WBAA partner's strengths. Access Wisconsin is the local expert in video distance learning services. AT&T and Verizon represent the financial strength and resources of two of the largest telecommunications providers in the United States. CenturyTel is the eighth largest local telephone company in the nation and specializes in serving rural and mid-sized communities with its broadband capable networks. Norlight brings the strength of its rock-solid optical networks, personalized solutions, solid financial position, and a 30-year partnering relationship with the State of Wisconsin to our consortium. The entire WBAA brings optimum technical research, development expertise, and the best resources available in the industry.

The WBAA brings unparalleled resources that include the depth of personnel and state-of-the-art technical laboratories necessary to support the BadgerNet Converged Network. Our team delivers a plan that features depth of experience in exactly the types of large-scale change and evolution for which the State is looking. WBAA members have employees located in every county within Wisconsin. We have built the statewide telecommunications network and serve existing customers using 100% of our own network in each Wisconsin community. WBAA local forces have additional nationwide resources available to support local needs whenever necessary. WBAA has proof positive of the experience and resources to design, develop, implement, and operate projects of this size and scope. Our depth of resources and rock solid financial backing make us your only low-risk choice to meet the State of Wisconsin's migration and disaster recovery goals now and into the future.


In today's environment, it's more important than ever before to select a provider that has the financial stability to implement and operate a network the size of BadgerNet. You'll gain peace of mind in working with a solid, financially and technically sound provider. As your current service providers, Verizon, AT&T, Norlight, CenturyTel, and Access Wisconsin have the resources and financial strength to support the most ambitious projects for the largest public and private sector customers. We offer the unparalleled network reliability, the financial stability and the fiscal responsibility required for a project the size of the State of Wisconsin's BadgerNet Converged Network. The WBAA companies have the stability, breadth of solutions, and depth of resources to bring whatever resources are needed to meet your needs now and well into the future. We have been a cornerstone of Wisconsin's telecommunications industry in the past, and will be here to continue to serve Wisconsin's needs for many, many more years to come.


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